Secure usage of the application To protect your identity, make sure that you do not provide information that will directly or indirectly disclose your identity when filling out the forms and when attaching documents. Check whether your internet connection is safe and the browser you are using displays a padlock icon. To submit your report, use a private device only that is not connected to the organization's network. Furthermore, you should only access your inbox in the application on a private device and in a secure private network environment. Trusty AG does not record the IP address from which you are accessing this website and uses only temporary session cookies for security purposes. State-of-the-art encryption is used to protect your communication and information provided via this web portal. Your inbox Please note that you will be kept informed of the status of your report or question, including the acknowledgment of their receipt, and provided feedback through your inbox. You will be able to log in by using the username and password that will be generated and displayed at the end of this process. Please note them down as we are not able to restore them or change them.When reporting on an anonymous basis we recommend that you regularly check your inbox as we will not be able to warn you when we send new messages to your inbox. When reporting in your name, you will have the option to either approve the notification of new messages by email or not approve the sending of such notifications. Data processing The organization is the controller of the submitted personal data. The submitted personal data shall be kept and processed in accordance with the organization's policies as long as the organization has the legitimate interest to process the report (including conducting any investigations) and, if applicable, initiate sanctions. For the purpose of processing your report, the personal data and information may be accessed, processed and used by the responsible personnel at the organization. The assigned personnel at Trusty AG has access to the database exclusively for the purpose of technical maintenance. If necessary, personal data and information may be disclosed to the police and/or other enforcement or regulatory authorities. The application, its webpages, as well as the database in which the personal data and information that you submit are stored, are operated by Trusty AG, Bösch 82, 6331 Hünenberg, Zug, Switzerland, on behalf of the organization. The database is encrypted and hosted on virtual servers located in the EU. Internal reporting destination


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